29 marzo, 2008


This year our Readers’ Quest has been a bit more successful.
About 60 students handed in the questionnaires (almost twice as many as last year), most of them from Bacharelato, and all the answers in nine questionnaires were correct in spite of some spelling and grammar mistakes.
In fact, we had to draw lots to choose a winner, and the winner was Oscar Otero, a student in the fourth year of ESO. He was given two books, one in English and one in Galician, and a free snack at the school canteen for a week.
We guess the students in the 1st and 2nd year of ESO have found the questions a bit difficult as we didn’t get any questionnaires from those classes, but don’t worry! We’ll have an easier contest for you before the school year ends.
Para acceder al material del concurso en formato PDF, pincha AQUÍ.

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