15 abril, 2008

The USA and the UK

Students get English language through language studies and through getting knowledge of the history, geography, culture and traditions of different English speaking countries. As source of information to prepare their projects on the USA and the UK students read

- 4º A/ B: THE USA(by Alison Baxter). Factfiles. Oxford University Press
- 4º C/D : BRITISH LIFE LIFE (by Anne Collins). Penguin Readers.

with copies at the school library, and used encyclopaedia, dictionaries and the Internet.

The projects are not just stuck on the walls to be seen but to be worked on by the rest of the school students. Some questions have been prepared and answers will have to be found out reading carefully through the 4th level students works.

The experience has been quite motivating.

Se queredes ver os trípticos-cuestionario premede aquí.

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