03 xuño, 2008

Magazine Challenge – Feedback

This year we have changed the Magazine Race into a Magazine Challenge. It’s been probably a bit more difficult, but we thought it would be more interesting. Over 100 students handed in the questionnaires – 44 from 1º/2º ESO, 16 from 3º/4º ESO, and 49 form Bacharelato - and a lot of questionnaires were correct in spite of some spelling and grammar mistakes. In fact, we had to draw lots to choose the winners, who were:

- Rubén Iglesias (2º D de ESO)

- Javiera Cortés (3º A de ESO)

- Beatriz Jácome (1º B de Bach)

They were given an English reader with CD and a free snack at the school canteen for a week. We hope to have our contests next near again. See you!

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